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SANI-SPLIT (also referred to as BROY-SPLIT)
  • Suitable for water and waste from bathroom, toilet, laundry and kitchen
  • One pump can handle multiple units but each individual toilet pan requires its own pump
  • Choice of 5 models for sewage, waste water, or both
  • Power supply 230v
  • Dimensions(mm) – 450 x 270 x 175
  • Can handle hot water up to 65°C 
  • Alarm systems with solenoid shut-off valves available
  • Can be remotely installed but not outside the building exposed to weather – contact us for advice
  • Should be installed by a registered plumber
  • 3 year warranty

Orion can offer additional options for sewage and waste water pump stations, including buried and above ground chambers with submersible pumps to deliver effluent to varying heads and distances. Contact us for details and pricing.

View Sani-Split Catalogue
Sanisplit BS1
Sanitary Pump Station
Sanisplit BS2
Sanitary Pump Station
Sanisplit BS3
Sanitary Pump Station
FAS 600 Sanisplit Motor
Sanisplit Motor
Sanisplit BSK2
Sanitary Pump Station
Sanisplit BSK3
Sanitary Pump Station
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