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Pressure Tanks

Orion supplies pre-pressurised diaphragm tanks which provide a closed drinking water system, reducing the risk of impurities entering the system. They are available in a number of sizes/capacity from 2 litres to 450 litres and are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years.

The tanks are manufactured from steel with a high quality paint finish and have a stainless steel 25mm connection. The tank has a polypropylene liner to prevent water coming in contact with the steel tank and the diaphragm is constructed from a high grade butyl rubber compound.

There are many benefits of using a pressure tank with your pump, including –
  • less pump starts means less power used
  • less pump starts avoids short cycling causing burn-out, reduces wear and increases life of the pump
  • assists to absorb water hammer
  • greater reliability if unreliable power source/supply
  • some water available during power cuts (amount dependent on tank size)
Tanks are available in vertical and horizontal configurations in the following sizes/capacity (litres) -
2, 8, 18, 20, 35, 60, 80, 100, 170, 235, 300, 450

Each tank has a pre-charge of 28psi (1.9bar) with a maximum working pressure of 150psi (10 bar). When installing the tank with a pump with a mechanical pressure switch system, the air charge needs to be increased to be set at 3psi (20kPa) below the pump switch-on pressure. In an electronic system, the air charge should be set at 70% of the maximum pressure.

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Click here for Pressure Tank Installation and Operating Instructions

PT 2V Pressure Tank
2 litre vertical pressure tank.
PT 20H Pressure Tank (with base)
20 litre horizontal pressure tank.
PT 8V Pressure Tank
8 litre vertical pressure tank.
PT 18V Pressure Tank
18 litre vertical pressure tank
PT 60V Pressure Tank (with base)
60 litre vertical pressure tank
PT 100V Pressure Tank (with base)
100 litre vertical tank
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