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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


a.      PUMPS

1.      I need a pump for my house to pump water, what size and type do I need? 
The answer to this question is dependent on a number of variables.
Please send us an obligation free enquiry telling us -  
a) is tank above or below ground?                                                           
b) distance from tank to house?                                            
c) how much does it rise over that distance?                                                                            
d) size of house and number of fixtures/taps etc?   
2.      I need a pump to pump away stormwater which causes flooding, what size and type do I need?     
As for 1, please answer the following questions –  
a)  size of sump (dimensions)                                        
b) height and distance to deliver water to reach main stormwater or sewer line

3.      I need a pump to collect and pump away sewage effluent and waste water, what size and type do I need?   
As for 2

4.     My shower pressure is weak, what can you recommend to fix this?                         
Use a pressure booster pump

5.      Do I have to get a plumber to install my pump?                                                                             
While you do not have to use a plumber, we would recommend you do.

6.      Will it damage my pump if I run out of water?                                                                    
Yes, the pump may be damaged but we can supply various options to give you protection, such as press controls, logic stop controllers and loss of prime pressure switches

7.      How long is your warranty and what does it cover? 
This varies from product to product, however if you click on any product on this site the warranty term and conditions will appear just below it.   

8.      If I experience a problem with the pump after installation, who do I contact?
In the first instance contact the installer, who can in turn contact us if the problem isn’t due to issues with the installation.

9.      Where do I go if I want to see the pump before I purchase?
The pumps are available to view at:
Orion Distributors 6/36 William Pickering Drive, Albany, Auckland

10.    Where is the best place to install a filter? 
Only on the delivery side of the pump but filters must be cleaned regularly to ensure optimum water flow.

11.    How long can I expect my pump to last before it needs to be replaced?  
This can be anything between 3 and 10 years  depending on the amount of use it gets


1.    What is the best system to operate my domestic pressure pump, an automatic press control or a pressure switch and tank?                                                                                   
Either systems works however in suction lift situations, the latter option is recommended.                                                      
2.    What size pressure tank do I need? 
The general rule is “bigger is better” so that the pump switches on less often                                                        
3.    How do I check the pressure in the tank and how often?      
With a tyre pressure gauge every 6 months    
4.    Do I get constant pressure?                                                                                            
Yes when correctly set up                                                                         

5.    How much pressure do I need?                                                                                           
20kPa (3psi) below the start pressure                                                                  

6.    Where do I install the pressure tank in relation to the pump?                                                 
As close as possible to pump



1.      Where can a bladder tank be installed?                                                                                    
On level ground under floors or decks where there is at least 600mm height

2.      What purpose can a bladder tank be used for?                                                                    
For storage of drinking water or almost any liquid or gas. It can also be used for stormwater detention.

3.      Are bladder tanks made in standard sizes or can any size be made?                                     
We have over 66 standard sizes of both eco sac® and reo sac®. Like all tanks, only certain width/length/height combinations will be stable due to the weight and pressure of water. The size to fit in your space will depend on what clearance you have between piles and what uninterrupted length and height are available.

4.      Are bladder tanks a cost effective solution?                                                                     
Yes, particularly where space is restricted.

5.      Who can install a bladder tank?                                                                                     
Licensed plumbers need to install bladder tanks as they do all tank types

6.      What is the warranty on a bladder tank?                                                                             
There is a 10 year pro rata warranty on the eco sac® and reo sac® material and workmanship provided the bladder is installed in accordance with the installation instructions. Installation is not covered by our warranty which is why we suggest you have your tank installed by a registered plumber.

7.      Is the water stored in a bladder tank suitable for drinking?                                                     
Yes, both the eco sac® and reo sac® material is accredited to Australian and New Zealand standard ASNZ4020 for safe drinking water.

8.      What can be done if the bladder tank is punctured?                                                             
Repair kits are available for the eco sac® and the reo sac®

9.      How long does it take to supply a bladder tank?                                                                   
7 - 10 days from payment
10.    Can I go somewhere to see the product before I buy?
The tanks are available to view at:
Orion Distributors 6/36 William Pickering Drive, Albany, Auckland

11.    Why should I buy these products from Orion?
Our staff and supplier have years (over a decade?) of experience in the plumbing industry. Therefore we offer the best possible service, quality of products, warranties and after sales care. We will look after you post purchase for any issue - no retailer offers this level of service.   

12.    How can I be sure of the quality of your products?
We source our products from only the best, most trusted brands around the World. They come with a warranty the details of which you will find by clicking on a product.
13.    How do I know I’m buying the right product and is there someone I can talk to about this?
Just send an enquiry explaining your needs and we will assist you in purchasing the correct product for your requirements.

14.    What happens if I buy the wrong product?
Product can be returned for credit provided it is in the same condition when sent, in the original packaging and hasn’t been used. A re-stocking fee  of will be applied

15.    What if the delivery arrives and there is something wrong with the product?
Return and it will be replaced

16.    What if something goes wrong with the product after it has been installed?
Contact the installer in the first instance, who in turn can contact us if it is a warranty issue
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