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Ecosac Bladder Tanks

Because of the effects of climate change, we all will experience increasing and extended periods of drought. Now is the time to capture the rainwater from our roofs so it can be utilised for drinking, watering the garden and cleaning the car. Urban environments face physical constraints because of limited space, to install unsightly large exterior tanks, however ECOSAC BLADDER TANKS offer an ideal, cost effective solution as they can be installed under the building or under a deck. They are available in a variety of sizes and with the addition of a pump, can be readily set up to solve your water problems.”
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“I was recommended to contact Orion when I needed to purchase a new pump to replace my old dead one, at my rural property. I found them to be knowledgeable, informative and co-operative and ended up purchasing the one they recommended, from a local plumbing retailer. Since the pump has been installed we have been delighted with its performance, which delivers much superior pressure and flow than our old one. We would recommend them to anyone needing a good reliable pump at a reasonable price.”

Martin Albrecht

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We supply a wide range of high quality pumps of varying brands, liquid storage systems (bladder tanks) and pipe fittings for plumbing, drainage and roofing.

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