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Warranties and Repairs Policies

Warranties & Repairs


How long is your warranty and what does it cover?
This varies from product to product, however if you click on any product on this website, the warranty term and conditions will be detailed on the product page.

If I experience a problem with the pump after installation, who do I contact?
First contact the installer, who can in turn contact us, if the problem isn’t due to issues with the installation.

Bladder Tanks

What is the warranty on a bladder tank?
There is a 10 year pro rata warranty on the eco sac® and reo sac® material and workmanship provided the bladder is installed in accordance with the installation instructions. Installation is not covered by our warranty which is why we suggest you have your tank installed by a registered plumber.
What can be done if the bladder tank is punctured?
Repair kits are available for the eco sac® and the reo sac®.


What if something goes wrong with the product after it has been installed?
First contact the installer. They will contact us, if it is a warranty issue.
What if the delivery arrives and there is something wrong with the product?
Return the product and it will be replaced.
How long will it take you to repair/replace the faulty product?
We guarantee to repair/replace the product within 24 hours of receipt at our premises.
Why should I buy these products from Orion?
Our staff and supplier have many years of experience in the plumbing industry. Thanks to that industry experience, we offer the best possible service, quality of products, warranties and after-sales care. We will look after you post-purchase for any issue - no other supplier in this industry offers this level of service.

Got a problem – we guarantee to fix it!

To view the full Orion Pump Warranty Policy click here.
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