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Frequently Asked Voice Search Questions

Water Pumps

1. Which water pump do I need? What water pump to buy?
Go to our Pump Selection Guide here
2. Which water pump is best for home? What water pump is best for domestic?
Please send us an email informing us -  
a) is the tank above or below ground?                                                           
b) what is the distance from the tank to the house?                                            
c) how much does it rise over that distance?                                                                            
d) what is the size of the house
e) how many fixtures/taps are there? 
3. Water pumps on sale? 
Yes, we have regular specials. Contact us for current sale pricing.
4. How much water pump cost? Water pump quotes? Water pump replacement cost?
Call us to discuss your requirements and we can give you a quote.
5. Is water pump covered under warranty?
Yes, all our pumps have a warranty - some up to four years. Click on the individual pump to see its warranty.
6. Water pump brands? Water pump suppliers?
We have several international water pump suppliers and various well-known pump brands.
7. Which water pump is best for irrigation?
That depends on a variety of factors. Call us to discuss your requirements and we can give you a recommendation.
8. Water pumps for sale near me?
We have stockists in every region. Click here to see retailers near you.
9. Water pump parts? Water pump repairs?
We carry a full range of parts and offer full pump service/repairs by qualified engineers.
10. Water pump troubleshooting? Water pump questions?
No problem - just call us and our expert service desk will discuss your water pump problems or issues.

Got a problem – we guarantee to fix it!